Although Thanksgiving has come and gone...

The life lessons of Thanksgiving should persist each day. And I'm not suggesting we eat a Turkey/mashed taters/green bean stuff/followed-by-pumpkin/apple/blueberry-pie-drowning-in-Cool-Whip type of diet. Well, you can do whatever you want but to get to the point; this post is about being thankful...

For everything...


Think about how many days/years were wasted complaining about what we don't have or have not experienced yet. 'If only I went to school, my job prospects would be more profitable', 'Once I get a house, I will feel more complete...', and 'I'm going to be happy once I get an opportunity to change my life for the better'.

It's sad to say that it is quite easy to adopt the polar opposite of being grateful. What with all the incessant commercials reminding us what we don't have and the constant buzz regarding the latest hottest phones, I can see why! Let's take a stand together and make a change. A change for the betterment of humanity.

I am thankful for...

The love and support my parents have given me throughout the years.
My little brother.
The friends that have come and gone in my life.
Awkward situations that challenge me to improve my social skills.
The five senses.
Sentimental songs that strike a chord in my heart no matter how many years may have passed.

The fragile crust of a Crème brûlée.

Being with the wrong people at the right time.
The wisdom gained from crappy relationships. 
Taking comfort of always having options in life.
The bad and good times; without the bad times, we wouldn't know the difference to cherish the good.
Movies that provoke long-lasting deep thoughts about my life. 
Living and breathing semi polluted air; at least it's air and I can breathe it. 
10 fingers, 10 toes, a brain, and a beating heart. 
Challenges that encourage growth. 
Inspirational speeches (formal and informal).
Memorable and lasting impressions.
Music that makes me want to dance my worries away. 
The power of choice.
Red roses.
All flowers. 
The friend that always tells it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it. 
Planes, trains, and automobiles.
The option to travel and wander just because. 
My brave mother for immigrating to America all by herself, at the age of 27. 
My suave father for offering a piece of bread to my mother when they met on a boat, together escaping the Vietnam war. 
Banksy's art. 
The ability to forever capture a moment in life through cameras. 
The risks I have taken in the past to lead me to this very moment. 
Never really knowing what's going to happen next. 
The right to vote.
Dreams; of all sorts. 
My R.E.I. membership card. 
Actions that sometimes shout much louder than words could ever fully express.
Warm-hot showers on a brisk winter day. 
Being raised in a cross-cultural environment.
My gut instincts that have saved my ass in past experiences. 
My strengths and weaknesses that embody who I am. 
The people who accept my strengths and weaknesses. 
The ability to stay connected from across the globe. 
The roof on top of my head.
Readily available food and water to keep me alive each day. 
Receiving and giving surprises. 
Never-ending opportunities to learn more.
Making the vow to mean everything I say to myself and others. 
Laughter. Lots of it. 
Being here. 
Using all of my ten fingers. 
Making the choice to call it a night.

Happy Thanksgiving again and again...

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