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During the weeks that I have to work 6 days a week rather than just 5, I push myself to absorb my weekend that much more, savor the moments that fly by too fast sometimes, and appreciate what it's right in front of me - - and most importantly, avoid letting my mind wander to things unrelated to the present moment. In fact, I'm working really hard to do that everyday but it's quite the mental challenge.

Do you find yourself drifting away from the present? If so, what do you do to stay in the moment?

Last night, it was just me, a dozen banana nut chocolate chip muffins (as a surprise dessert treat for my two loves), Walking Dead Season 2, black lipton tea - - although a little too quiet at the house, I was able to get  a lot done (blogging, cleaning, cupcakes, and reorganize), and ready for another day of relaxing on a Sunday before the work week begins.

 How's your weekend treating you so far? Below are some entertaining links I found from the past week, for your Sunday reading.

 Perhaps you're an "over thinker" like me sometimes, worrying about making a mistake and making to-do lists in your head? This article provided great insight on over thinking and how to tackle it!

I've been in quite a workout slump these past few weeks and thus, end up feeling fat. Here are 5 different ways to turn around your "fat day"!

Ever wonder how certain people can pull off a certain fashion trend and some people can't? It comes down to confidence. A great Glam tip on appearing confident!

And, speaking of glam, I love the European elegance of her dress and fascinating how foxes can be endearing in fashion.

I can't believe all Natalie Portman ate was carrots and almonds to fit her role in Black Swan. Check out extreme body transformations and the crazy diets they did!

There seems to be a lot of buzz around Crossfit and how it can help you get in shape, using high intense workouts. A great blog post that breaks it all down for you.

Looking for a healthy snack that has Autumn flavors? This could be the one for you! I'm planning on making these very soon! How about pasta that literally has zero calories and zero carbs? I hear it's pretty magical!

Another fantastic post about managing time, and how to plan out your blog posts.

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