Makeover Monday 3.0


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    1. Thanks Miss K! Hope your week is going well so far :)

  2. I love this!! Mondays do have a bit of a bad rep don't they? It's unfortunate really - I usually rather enjoy Mondays!

    Thanks for the steak tips. I've never actually cooked with worcestershire sauce, so I'll definitely have to give it a go! :)

    The Wildest of Dreams

  3. I'm loving these images! Even though it's not Monday, they are making my Wednesday morning a bit better! :)

    xoxo, me

  4. I love these images!! Especially, I absolutely love this quote 'Greater risk to remain tight in bud' It is so SO true. To evolve in our lives we must change, and change, no matter how much we might blossom from change and getting out of our comfort zone, is scary - but we have to fear and risk to get to that golden place :) x


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