Makeover Monday 2.0

Good morning everybody! Ready to makeover this weeks' Monday? I know I am. Today, I'm going to start my morning off with a nice run on the beach. I'm still in Mexico for a few hours before heading back home. And, I'm not going to stop running until I have accomplished my goal - rather than stopping just because I am tired. No pain, no gain right??

{I seem to do quite well convincing myself how strong I am before I actually workout but when I'm actually doing it, my mind plays tricks on me - here is to another Second Chance}



  1. I love your determination! Running in the morning is the best, it makes you feel great for the rest of day and gives you a great feeling of accomplishment! Enjoy!!

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    1. It was honestly tough because running in the sand is a tough workout! But I did it. I'm trying to start my workout routines in the morning because it provides me more energy throughout the day. Thank you!


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