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Did I ever elaborate to you how wonderful it was to reunite with one of my best friends in Rhode Island?

I meant to put up these pictures while I was in Providence but you know how it is when you want to fully absorb each and every moment with the people you care about. My friend, R, is one of the strongest single mothers I have known and has raised a beautiful, smart, and creative boy.

I had the pleasure of spending this past Mother's day weekend with her and met her entire sweet family. The pictures above are just some of the key moments that either made me giggle, felt warm, and most importantly, super appreciative of our time spent together.

Nothing like two girlfriends getting together, watching The Princess Bride, sharing a bottle of red as well as making each other laugh.

I still cannot believe I am home surrounded by the people I adore.
It's such a treat.
What else could anyone want? I'm happy.

What am I anticipating now, you might ask? Possibly a Rammstein concert tonight so I can pump my fists in the air, Arizona sunsets (more pics to come!!), a weekend getaway to San Diego soon, working on a reverse culture shock article for Native Foreigner, and enjoying life to the fullest - - always reminding myself to do the things that I believe in, the things that I am passionate about:
What are you doing this weekend? Anything random? Fun? Relaxing? 

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