Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

 I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory where the lead character, Sheldon Cooper, resorts to flipping a trusty coin for 80% of his decisions. Ex:

'Heads = bathroom now, Tails = bathroom later'
'Heads = Leave the room, Tails = Stay put'
'Heads = Chocolate pudding, Tails = Vanilla pudding' 

Certainly, there were some situations that should not be left up to purely fate alone but after a good chuckle, I thought to myself, 'This is sort of genius...' I mean, after all, I did end up in Barcelona, Spain from a simple coin toss (Heads: South of France, Tails: Spain). True Story.

Feeling inspired from just watching this episode, I met up with my friend Jack whom I had previously met in Poland. He, too, is traveling around Europe, curious about the world and volunteering his help through the HelpX exchange program. He passionately documents his experiences in his blog (which I highly suggest checking out): Action Jacks Adventures

So what happens when two indecisive travelers get together to roam around Spain? Get a coin out, designate 'left' for heads and 'right' for tails, and GO!

As a result of this coin-flippage, Jack and I ended up finding some really cool places such as the Cathedral of Barcelona, some really really fake white man (dressed in white), people strewn across a lawn (absorbing the Vitamin D rays), and of course, the amazing food!

Currently, I am spending some quality time with my aunt in Paris, France. After a grueling 18-hour bus ride (which I will be sure to blog about as well) from Barcelona to Lille, France ~ I am MORE than grateful to be here. 

-Ms. Cathy


  1. LOVE the picture of the people layng in the grass enjoying the sun. You can feel that pic...

    1. As I was walking by them, I couldn't help but feel so much peace! It was super relaxing to simply watch others relax like that! :)

  2. Can't wait till we have the freedom to determine our future with a flip of a coin! Enjoy France and your visit with your aunt!


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