Stress: A lovely surprise wrapped and covered in rubbish.

Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected situation and recognize some of the thoughts below?

"How did this happen to me?"
"Is this what is supposed to be happening right now?"
"If I would have done this...or thought ahead...this would not be happening right now?"

Any of those thoughts sound familiar?

Without a doubt, one will encounter a few or many obstacles along this journey we call life. We can plan all we want - from detailed itineraries to day-to-day/yearly planners and yet - shit still happens.

Why is that?

I have several theories surrounding this particular thought but with only 27 years under my belt - - I am still learning and plan to do so for the remainder of my existence. Perhaps it is because those obstacles/challenges happens to encourage growth all around. Without overcoming obstacles, where do we obtain the tools to become stronger? Unfortunately, there is no kwik-e-mart for finding the perfect mental/emotional strength elixir.

Or perhaps these challenges occur to help us distinguish between the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly times of our lives. Without the compare and contrast, we wouldn't know any better.

The next time you find yourself in a sticky situation - - instead of asking yourselves the above questions I listed...try this instead and see if it helps:

"I did my best so no regrets, what's there to worry about then?"
"If everything else has worked out in my life thus far, what makes me think this time it will be different?"
"Will worrying or complaining help this situation or make things better?"



  1. Without the bad in life, people cannot appreciate the good. Well said Single Yellow Female.


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