Not a Typical Tuesday. No, Sir!

If I had decided to follow through with the original plans, my day as well as evening would have changed drastically.

My day was supposed to go a little something like this: Wake up at 9am, go to the local outdoor market by my great uncle's house around 10am in hopes of buying a new hat, and then at approximately 330pm, meet up with my new couchsurfing buddy Salam.

Mais, non. Instead, I slept in until around 1125am and had a slow start to the day. Now I'm not saying it started off badly - - just off the grid - - and quite an adventure it was, once again. My great uncle wanted to show me the Sacre Coeur chuch located in Montmarte Paris but alas, plans changed again. Instead, we went sightseeing at the Notre Dame Cathedral which is something I always forget to set aside time for. I am SO glad we decided to do this instead. Alors, I started to get ready, threw on some more dark clothing (the French Fashion), threw up my hair with my favorite Opal wooden pin:

And off I went with my fabulous Great uncle. Here are some pictures of the lovely Notre Dame Cathedral:

Before I move forward with posting more pictures, I must explain to you the reason behind the erroneous and quite obnoxious looking gold figure in some of the above photos. You see, at my previous location of employment, a co-worker, J, and myself had a prank where we would take this golden object and hide it in each others' cubicles. Well, I thought it would be nice to bring the object with me, along my cathy trails, and send him a surprise email! It sounds like he enjoyed it; always love bringing a smile to anyone's faces! Okay, now back to the string of photos - - we will move forward with some photos after the Notre Dame visit - - a look inside the Parisian streets and lifestyle:

Yeaaah! Some BANKSY ART!!!!


As if that wasn't enough eye candy..

I also, coincidentally enough, run into an old bookstore from a recent film I watched called Before Sunset!

What a lovely Tuesday! I never thought I would ever have an opportunity like this. Until I realized, no one ever just comes across an opportunity they truly desire - - unless they create it.

Then, voila!

Until next time, have a happy day and laugh lots!!! 



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