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On a cold, brisk, with a high of 45 degrees F - I thought it would be a great idea to tour this quaint area called Amsterdam.

This has only been my second night in Amsterdam and it has already been such an inspiration. Although I was not prepared for the cold and walking at least a total of 5 + miles, the things I saw and thoughts that occurred is ever long.

It's phenomenal to think how much this young girl by the name of Anne Frank, continues to inspire and make a real impact on people today - the year 2012. She died in 1945. So 67 years go by, and Anne Franks' writings change the world for the better - when another person hears her story. Some thoughts that were running through my head while quietly walking up the stairs of her house:

'When was the last time I had to worry about sneaking around in my home - - opening up the curtains was forbidden at any moment, tip-toeing around to avoid being caught and imprisoned..?'

'Imagine being looked at a certain way and seeing people feeling bad for not being able to let you ride the bus with them...just because the consequences were too dire to risk...How would that feel like?'

This young girl - went on to following her heart, becoming a writer. She asked her father to publish her diary and he kept his promise. Despite the circumstances she experienced - however dire, she continued to live each moment with 100% passion and focus on the current moment. Having the opportunity to see this kind of inspiration was so moving and made me realize how important it is to live life with 100% authenticity - follow your heart. No wrong can ever occur from following the most innate feeling - doing what makes you happy.

Here's to Anne Frank and thank you,


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