As Promised: My Travel Pack List

I am sure many of you are anxious to know what I chose to lug around for this long awaited journey. For those of you who had the pleasure to hear me moan, groan, and bitch about the most important items to bring with me, I have decided to share my personal packing list. Anyone who is interested in traveling should at least take a serious peek at this blog. Now, I am not saying this is the best packing list ever - - however, I have dedicated much time, research, and soul-searching to ensure I have only the essentials to carry me through the winds of Europe!

In addition, it was an absolute must that I stayed within the weight regulations of my International airline (Iceland Air). Per Policy, I was allowed 2 free checked-in bags (maximum 50 lbs. each) and 1 carry-on bag (maximum 13 lbs). My goal was to only have 1 checked-in bag and 1 carry-on...Oh, and by the way, packing light for the Winters in Europe proved to be quite the challenge! 

Alors ('So' in French), I will share my list and explain why I brought it (for erroneous items such as a Universal Sink Stopper - - an absolute must if traveling for more than 1 month).
Allons-y! ('Let's go' in French!)

Cathy's Travel Packing List: 


Carry On Bag items (up to 13 lbs):

Netbook, Cables
Universal Adapter
Camera w/ cables
SSN card
All important documents
All credit and debit cards
Spending money (for up to 2-3 days worth)
Plane ticket (w/ a few copies)
Allergy medication (Benadryl - - to sleep!)
Travel Journal
Yearly planner
Mini notepad (for directions, random note-taking)
SIM card
Messenger Bag w/ compass keychain
Mini French phrase/dictionary book (with home-made cover to avoid looking like a tourist)
Trial-size mouthwash
Trial-size antibacterial gel
Chapstick (avoid those tubs so you don't have to stick dirty fingers in there)
Book to read on plane or train
IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (* = make extra copies or better yet, fax to self and then attach to email)

SSN Card*
Official HS diploma/degree(s)*
Contact Information and emergency codes (must be in USB card too)
SIM Card
Credit cards, debit cards
Plane ticket*
Driver’s license*
Student card* (Just found out it is free entrance for students at the Louvre)
Updated Medical Records*

CLOTHES: (Black/white/neutral colors, wrinkle-free, non-cotton, lightweight)

Black Skinny Pants (non-cotton or cotton blended with other fabric such as rayon/spandex)
Leggings (black, jean print aka jeggings)
Thermal top and bottom
2 pairs long sleeves (button down and plain rayon/spandex)
1 wired bra
1 sports bra
Underwear (for women - as many as you'd like since it takes up zero room)
1 short sleeve top
Tank tops (2 – w/ built-in bras)
Socks (Wool, wool blends, knee-highs, dress)
Gloves (1 fleece liner, 1 insulated)
Warm hat (fleece)
1 scarf/paschmina (pachminas can be unfolded to be used as blanket and very elegant for nights out)
1 pair black nylons/tights
Dress (black - for outings)
Midweight Jacket (fleece, zip-up pockets)
Lighter fleece jacket 
Outershell jacket (windproof, waterproof)
Pajama top and bottom
Flip Flops
Long skirt 


Bloggie w/ cables
Camera, battery charger, cables
USB card
Universal Adapter (One that can be used in several countries)
Travel alarm clock (I got one that is also a radio, flashlight, and temperature)
Compass (Key chain that can go on purse)
Netbook and power cord
Pens (including 1 mini sharpie, and a few skinny pens- - I like pens that click on/off) *I also find a pen that has a screwdriver/flathead on the other end!
Combo lock (great when staying at hostels or other untrustworthy places!)


Nail clippers
Tweezers (the sharp ones for dual functionality)
Soap (Dr bronners - can be found at camping stores like REI - 18 different uses!)
Baby Shampoo (A milder version of Dr. Bronners)
Coconut Oil (has many uses - moisturizer, hair conditioner, to alleviate cuts, etc)
Mini liquid travel-size bottles for all liquids
A durable comb with handle
Super absorbent towels (fabrics made of microfiber fleece or polyester)
Eyemask and ear plugs
Allergy medicine (Because I am traveling in various areas/climates, 24/hour non-drowsy)
Mini, large hairties, bobby-pins
My favorite wooden hairpin with opal jewel (sharp ends can be used as weapon!)
Razor (w/ 1 refill)
Perfume Powder (lightweight)
Prescription glasses in case
Vitamins (Multi-vitamin and Omega 3's)
Anti-diarrheal medicines (just in case you eat the wrong foods or drink tap water!)
First aid ointment (Neosporin, etc.)
Makeup (the essentials are different for every woman):
         *Black eyeliner
         *My favorite purple lipstick
         *Bare Minerals
         *Mini sephora mascara
Cocoon silk sheet (Silk adds 9 degrees extra heat for winters and keeps cool in the summer - - perfect for when you do not trust your sleeping vicinity i.e. hostels)
Fishing Line (Very durable for any tears on your backpack or shoes - - sew with this)
Mini sewing kit with fitted needle for fishing line
Floss (Can also be used as thread for emergencies)
Travel Journal
Mini notepad
Yearly planner (for goal-oriented individuals)
Boar’s tooth necklace
Opal Ring
Ziplock freezer bags (I love the lock/zip kinds)
Universal Sink Stopper (laundry machines aren't always going to be accessible)
Small camping mirror
Functional Messenger bag (waterproof, zippers, many pockets)
Money belt (especially when going to countries where pick-pocketing is common)
Folder with plastic covers to contain important documents

And Voila! There it is! I hope this travel pack list has proven helpful to plan your adventures! Stay tuned and I will soon document my adventures of this week in Paris, France! 

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